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What to expect as a first-time guest at Oasis of Hope Ministries

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We begin with a declaration and live music sung by our praise and worship team. Song lyrics are projected on to the monitor so you can sing along or participate however you'd like.

Praise and worship is followed by prayer and scripture. The scripture will be shown on the monitor for everyone to read along.  

After scripture we formally welcome everyone, share the heart of the ministry, provide ministry updates, and provide our guests with a special gift (don’t worry, you don’t have to stand or say anything if you don’t feel comfortable).

Next is the opportunity to worship through our faithful giving. During our offering celebration we share testimonies of how God has blessed us. You’re welcome to share or simply be blessed by others’ testimonies.

We then move into the Word of God which is delivered in a practical teaching manner.

Whenever the Word is taught we encourage all listeners to:​

  1. Seek to get an understanding of the text.
  2. Ask yourself - How can I apply this word to my own life?
  3. Daily assignment: Live by the principles heard and learned in God's word.

After the message is a time we offer prayer for special needs and salvation.